We provide adult learning and family literacy programs designed to increase literacy and foundational life skills in adult learners. Our programs & supports include:

  • Families Learn & Grow (an in-home Family Literacy Program)

  • Group programs such as Reading with Our Children and Books for Babies

  • Supports to continuing and further education

  • Referrals to community resources

  • Connection to community events


Programs Offered

Families Learn & Grow

This is an in-home family literacy program that focuses on teaching adults foundational life skills such as emotional regulation and communication. This program is six sessions long and includes a variety of activities that teach how to  regulate emotions around stress, anxiety and anger/ frustration.

Please click here for the Families Learn and Grow referral form

Reading with Our Children

This is a group based-literacy program that focuses on providing parents with reading strategies, book sharing tips, increased confidence and enjoyment in reading, social and community support. This program is six sessions. 

Books for Babies

This group based program is for parents and caregivers of children 0-12 months of age. Each session covers information on age appropriate books, rhymes & songs, and child development/ parenting information. This program is 4-6 sessions.


Contact our office at 780-830-0920 for more information on our programming!

Our literacy programs are funded by the Community Adult Learning Program (CALP) through the Government of Alberta. For more information on what CALP is and how they support adult learners click on the video below!