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What is FASD?*

What Should I Look For?





FASD can be characterized by specific physical features and brain based difficulties and possible physical issues, BUT a team assessment and diagnosis must be completed to provide a global picture of a child's strengths and difficulties.




FASD and Family Support     



Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) refers to a complex range of brain based difficulties that can result from prenatal exposure to alcohol.



















Our FASD Family Support Program provides services and supports to parents/caregivers and children aged 0-12 years of age. 

Program Aims:

  • Support families and help them to better understand their children

  • Help caregivers to gain new skills and strategies to use when caring for their children

  • Provide education and awareness on FASD to individuals, families, educators, health care providers and the community

  • Provide referrals and connect individuals and families to services in the community that they can access

  • Advocate with families

  • Support caregivers in learning to reframe behaviours and come up with accommodations to address problematic behaviours.

FASD and Family Support Referral

FASD Youth and Adult Support

FASD is a lifelong disability. A child with FASD grows up to be an adult with FASD. Individuals with FASD may require extensive support and services related to health, mental health, social services, education and training, justice, addictions, and family supports throughout their lives.

The FASD Youth & Adult Supports Program provides services and supports to individuals with FASD and their families and caregivers. The program focuses on individuals 13 years of age and up who are either suspected of having or have been diagnosed with FASD.

Supports include:

  • Setting goals and identifying steps to achieve them

  • Referrals to community resources

  • Providing education around FASD

  • Healthy relationships

  • Advocacy

  • Life skills

  • Support in connecting to diagnostic services

FASD Youth and Adult Support Referral

FASD Navigator Support

The FASD Navigator supports individuals who may have FASD or suspect FASD. The Navigator provides support through navigation, advocacy and referral. 


Family Dog

For all information call: 780-830-0920

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